New CEO to lead EdTech sector brand’s global ambitions

Claire Halliday
Claire Halliday

EdTech leader Education Perfect has announced its new CEO to support the brand’s goals for global expansion.

Jonathan Morgan has more than 24 years of experience in operational business roles, including his most recent role as Chief Growth Officer with Symend, a SaaS company focused on the science of consumer behaviour, and has worked in senior positions across global engineering, technology, and marketing organisations across the UK, US, and Australia.

His appointment, an Education Perfect statement says, will help “advance the organisation’s mission to provide equitable access to education to students worldwide”.

“After an extensive global search for our new CEO, we were thrilled to meet Jonathan, a seasoned software as a service leader with experience growing companies, as well as leading highly engaged geographically dispersed teams,” Helen Souness, Chair at education Perfect said. “Jonathan also had a strong affinity with our teachers and our focus on giving them the content, insights, and time they need to deliver the best learning outcomes for their K-12 students. We are thrilled to see him step in to lead Education Perfect through our next stage of growth and global scale.”

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A learning platform with big ambitions

Education Perfect is a leading learning, assessment, and analytics platform in Australia and New Zealand, and is a global challenger in the EdTech sector, serving more than 5,000 schools and 1.8 million students worldwide.

The announcement of Mr Morgan as its new CEO is a significant next step for the organisation, designed to maximise the long-term expansion of its product in a way that Education Perfect says, “delivers impact and is supported by evidence-based research”.

Mr Morgan, who recently relocated to Australia with his wife and two children, said he was honoured to lead the Education Perfect team into an exciting new chapter, and pleased to step into a role that could “give back to the community”.

“I’m passionate about working with people – to me it’s all about reinvesting in your team and the job’s made that much simpler when surrounded by those who love what they do and are committed to the vision,” he said. “I have a nine-year-old and a twelve-year-old in school and my wife works in education as well, so working to improve education and make it more equitable for all is a natural next step for me. I’m honoured to join a team of people who share these values and can’t wait to work alongside them to continue Education Perfect’s global expansion and make a difference to all educators and learners.”

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Education Perfect, Mr Morgan told The Bursar, “aims to save teachers time … and engage students through adaptive learning experiences”.

“Our product is designed to evolve naturally through the ever-changing education landscape, as it is informed by real-time insights from the people we are helping – teachers and students,” he says. “Our toolkit is designed to support teaching practices and, ultimately, boost student results. We do this by enabling educators to more easily engage students, track growth, and deliver personalised paths to learning.”

As someone who describes himself as “passionate about working with people”, Mr Morgan says joining a team that is so committed to the vision is “really exciting”.

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