Free webinar offers parental tool-kits and practical strategies

The University of Wollongong's online parenting panel - Luminaries: From meltdowns and mayhem to calm and connection - is on 31 January.

Claire Halliday
Claire Halliday

As Australian children put the summer holidays behind them to start a new school year, the first free Luminaries webinar for 2024 will explore the latest research and development of strategies to help parents experience more harmonious households by building an effective parenting toolkit.

Luminaries: From meltdowns and mayhem to calm and connection is a free online panel discussion that aims to support parents who see back-to-school season with their children as more about meltdowns than magic.

Parenting expert Nicki Pittorino joins the group of University of Wollongong (UOW) academics that includes Lisa Kervin, Tony Okely and Penny Van Bergan, with the experts sharing their knowledge, research and insights to explore practical parenting strategies. These helpful strategies may help parents explore ways to deal with behavioural concerns and other issues, such as managing issues around screen time access, as well as movement, sleep, mental health and the importance of nurturing meaningful connections to education.

Expert panellists join forces to support parents

By sharing their individual and collective wisdom in the virtual panel discussion – held this Wednesday, 31 January, 12midday – 1.30pm (AEDT) – the panelists will address a range of topics to help families problem-solve around issues that may create conflict or concerns between parents (or care-givers) and children, including:

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  • Professor Lisa Kervin – tips around screen time, digital literacy tools, digital play
  • Distinguished Professor Anthony Okely – current research around physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep
  • Professor Penny Van Bergan – insights into the psychology of learning and relationship-building
  • Nicki Pittorino – whole picture parenting, discuss meltdowns and challenging behaviour – how to decode what your child’s behaviour may be telling you about their needs

For anyone seeking ways to explore how practical parenting advice has the potential to help families move’ from mayhem to calm connection’, register here – and remember to look out for future Luminaries panels.

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