What are Australia’s most picturesque universities?


Australia’s reputation as a place of coastal beauty and stunning natural landscapes is well deserved, but new research reveals that people also appreciate the architectural designs of the country’s most picturesque universities – and shows that Australian university students seem to spend as much time uploading photos to Instagram as they do studying.

But which universities offer the most beautiful campus? The results are in.

Office and school furniture brand Buydirectonline scraped social media hashtags including #universityofsydney, #universityofqueensland, #monashuniversity and its variations on 23 February and used the findings to uncover what Australians believe to be the most beautifully designed campuses in the country.

Researching and ranking Australia’s photo-worthy uni campuses

The first step in the process was compiling an online research-driven seed list of Australia’s top universities deemed ‘beautiful’ or ‘popular’.

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Then, they turned to Instagram and scraped relevant hashtags including #universityofsydney, #universityofqueensland, #monashuniversity and other variations to collect the overall Instagram hashtags for each university. Once the data was collected and combined, the universities were ranked from the highest to lowest hashtags to determine Australia’s most picturesque universities overall.

The results show The University of Sydney took the crown for most photo-worthy, with more than 207,794 Instagram hashtags. Built and completed in 1966, the University of Sydney boasts a breathtaking Victorian gothic-style building, enriched with historic beauty, right at the heart of the city.

In second place was Melbourne’s Monash University, with 187, 354 hashtags.

Also in Victoria, The University of Melbourne is in third place as most snappable Australian tertiary campus. It appeared on 151,021 hashtags on Instagram.

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Australia’s top 10 most picturesque universities

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