Introducing: The Bursar Podcast

Dan Barrett
Dan Barrett

There’s a new kid in school. From today, you can listen to The Bursar Podcast.

It is our weekly conversation-podcast with The Bursar site editor Claire Halliday talking to contributors from The Bursar about the biggest and most interesting news stories covered during the week. Claire also gives The Bursar Podcast listeners a listen to one of the interviews she conducted throughout the week, offering further insights to what made her final article. At the end of the show each week, Claire offers a sneak peek at one of the stories coming up in the week ahead.

On our first episode:

  • We meet Claire, who details her passion for Education – she outlines her extensive personal experience as a parent and her extensive professional experience as a journalist.
  • Age-based learning – is it as controversial an idea as it seems?
  • Following a recent attack in a suburb of Melbourne, interest in self-defence classes is skyrocketing.
  • Looking ahead to next week: The school program focused on giving teen parents an opportunity to keep up with their studies.

You can listen to The Bursar Podcast everywhere you listen to podcasts. If we aren’t on your favourite podcast player of choice, send us an email and we will do our best to make sure you will find it there.

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Listen to The Bursar Podcast

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Dan Barrett is the Head of Content at EducationDaily's publisher. He is a Brisbane-based writer/producer/comms professional who has worked for organisations including SBS, Mediaweek, National Seniors Australia, iSentia, the NSW Dept of Customer Service, and Radio National. He is passionate about the Oxford comma and is one of Australia's earliest podcasters.