Creating set-ready students for film industry jobs


Queensland’s Bond University and Screen Producers Australia (SPA) have launched a certification program to help students transition directly from graduation to jobs on film sets.

The Set Ready Certification involves students in the Bond Film, Screen and Creative Media program students completing key assessments over two years as preparation for entry into the world of screen production.

SPA will recognise the graduates as having gained valuable training and skills – helping them progress into screen production roles.

Creating crew members with confidence

Bond University Head of Film, Screen and Creative Media Darren Paul Fisher said filmmakers want crew members who can integrate into productions with minimal complications.

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“When it comes to students or recent graduates being placed onto productions, there is always the element of inexperience to navigate,” Dr Fisher says.

“Film sets are complex and delicate places, and no-one wants someone who, although keen and diligent, may be unaware of the rhythms of a production or require too much support, guidance and oversight.”

Dr Darren Paul Fisher

In the past, Dr Fisher says, this risk has seen some productions – particularly with overseas teams – be reluctant to accept interns or placements at a level that would ultimately be beneficial to building a vibrant local industry.

“The Set Ready Certification scheme has been designed to address this, to provide tangible evidence of both the experience and understanding those coming from the Bond Film, Screen and Creative Media program hold,” he says.

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Dr Fisher said the intention is to give both domestic and international screen productions reassurance that anybody from the Bond University film program being considered for internship, work-experience, placement or first employment opportunity will be able to successfully integrate into the production teams.

“Instead of a short onboarding process at the end of a program, the certification process is embedded throughout the two years of the Bond Bachelor of Film and Television,” he says.

Understanding workplace expectations

The certification is awarded by the completion of key assessments embedded in compulsory subjects, as well as education modules developed by SPA.

The subjects include education and training on behavioural obligations through SPA’s Respectful Workplaces training, industrial structure and employer obligations, crew roles and professionalism, and other workplace health and safety issues critical to having everyone set ready.

“At the end of the day, we want everyone to feel as confident in each other’s abilities as they possibly can, to help create the highest quality film and television products imaginable,” Dr Fisher says.

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Supporting a safe, sustainable local film industry

SPA CEO Matthew Deaner says the SPA membership is built on screen businesses and practitioners who take their responsibility to the Australian screen industry seriously.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Bond university on the Set Ready Certification, which will open doors for aspiring screen professionals,” he says.

By completing the certification including our Respectful Workplaces course, Mr Deaner says the students will have taken professional steps to grow their skillset in a safer industry that attracts and retains top talent here in Australia.

“We are excited to facilitate Bond University in building a talented, robust and versatile screen sector here in Australia.”

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